inBeTweenMachin' (MotionBuilder)

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Hey Fellow MotionBuilder Animators, just sharing my version for MotionBuilder of the famous Maya tool "TweenMachine" (original :, so an animator can quickly set keyframes and in-betweens depending on his previous/next poses.

I wanted to use the most of the software and its rig :

- It works on any kind of nodes ( markers, nulls, multiple selection, control rigs...).

- choose your character and set in-betweens directly on the full body,...

- you can go beyond the previous/next poses to make your anticipation/follow through...

- ...and tweak your poses using the different body parts of your control rig.

- you have quick presets to set common values

Contents & Install :

Package contains a .zip file with the python script and some icons. Simply unzip it to any location and drag&drop it in your MotionBuilder Viewport.

About "Fair Pricing":

I price my products so that college students can afford them, but this obviously means taking a hit on profits. If you can afford it and feel that my work are worth more than the baseline price, extra "tips" are greatly appreciated and will encourage me to produce & share more :)

Also, if you found this tool useful, don't hesitate to rate it !

Terms of Use:

You can use this tool for commercial or non-commercial, as long as you do not redistribute or resold it.


Made in MotionBuilder 2016, compatibility made with 2019(should work on lower & higher versions).

Keep in mind it could appear that it may not work in all versions of MotionBuilder, or in any situation. However, feel free to contact me if you encounter any issue.

If you enjoy my work and want to see more, feel free to follow me or subscribe on Vimeo, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for updates and more in the future.

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inBeTweenMachin' (MotionBuilder)

3 ratings
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